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This is the First Album release from
Shawn English Featuring a Compilation
of Singles Done Before His signing with
Selah Muzik in November 2011. The
Album it self is a Direct Message to the
Citizens of the world...Stay
Focus...Each Song says Just that...All
Songs were Recorded and Completed
in Guyana Through Various Studios.
Support this Third World Global
Message People...Peace


Special Thanks to Jahovah, the
Contributing Artiste, The Engineers
(Delon Keyz Gilbert, Ken Taylor, Vijay




Shawn English, Guyana, Guyanese Music, Caribbean hiphop, Christospeaking, Selah Muzik


All Rights Reserved

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01 Cold World
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02 Focus Feat Ocie Thomas & Amanda Peters
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03 Chains
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04 Attention!!!
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05 Trixx
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06 Awesome God
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07 All Hail
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08 The Name
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09 Rejoice
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10 Standing Firm
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Shawn English

Name: Shawn English
Date of Birth: 21st September.
Nationality: Guyanese
Interest: Reading, Music, Volleyball, Basketball, Dancing,
Hobbies: Actual dancing, Actual Poetry speaking, collecting
and deliberately listening to music (all genres)
Type of Music: Caribbean, Christian Rock, Rock Hip
Hop Cross Over, R&B, Jazz

Location: Guyana


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First International Interview

"“I am 6 feet 4 inches of creative ambition”, says Shawn English, who also refers to himself as being a Christospeaker, repping Jesus Christ through ya speakers and not a rapper. Entertainment Macco, caught up with the talented, spontaneous, performer, hailing from Paradise Village, E.C. D, who is not afraid to represent the Saviour ( click here if other link doesnt work or paste this in your browser peace... interview link Link )"


The Step Up Concert

29 Dec 2012 | 07:00pm
225 Little Kidwell Rd Centreville, MD 21638 Centreville, AG

This Event is set to Happen at the Faith Tabernacle Holiness Church on the evening of Sat 29th December 2012 and it features Shawn English and the Genesis GP Band along with the Best in Christian Antiguan talent. come out and be blessed...Peace

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