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Trixx (written By Shawn English)aint nothing come easy in life you gotta work you gotta learn to dance kinda like you do the jerk it takes alot of sacrifice to make it don’t be fooled by them by them big screen images maan that’s just the perks celebrities make it look easy but its not dem rappers look the freshest and dem ladies they look hott but they don’t let you really see behind the glamour that they really sweating bullets just to just to just to reach the top you know its really sickening the lies they be living got the youths committing crimes just to get a piece of paper and whos gonna save ya when ya bleeding in da gully Gun shots ya outa time now ya life is just like vapour Hook: Lies they cant trick cause They lie they cant trick cause They lie they cant trick cause they lie Make me sick cause They lie Vs2 whats your ambition tryna be a baby mamma With two or three kids and a life full of drama like karma Whatever you do it comes back around And when you pay the repercussions Girl we all going down Cause now you got your kids Gotta raise em without their father You still a child yourself Now back to the dramma Shoulda listen to a mamma when she said to hold it up gave you paper advice But instead you tore it Then ripped it up Your virginity Just because he said that I love you Love hurts Who be telling you Wanna live that song live Well Somebody might die I don’t like that song no more I don’t love the way you lie lie Hook: Vs3 Just saying Man Its my opinion that the youths are being led astray by the glamourised lifestyles being publiscized the media keeps showing the Pleasure without the pain the fame but not the shame the lights the camera action but Im still going against the grain Why should that first world standard garbage Be accepted in my society it doesn’t work for them why should it be work for me but Im still going against the grain man too much youths have been slain man Gaza cant see your blood drain Gully cant feel ya pain Why does my sister have to be a baby mamma why do the youth dem have to hide like osama why cant the government ever find the right solution our futures are at stake what the hell these actors doing hook lies they cant trick cause they lie they cant trick cause they lies i call em tricks cause they lying lies they cant trick cause they lie they cant trick cause they lies cause when you look upon the streets the youths are still dying hook Jesus Christ is my firm foundation He still the way the truth and the life He never lies So he wont ever trick me All these tricky singers and actors Got you buying their destruction Don’t be fooled by their glamour the drama its all about the lies they be selling I don’t love the way you lie in fact I hate the way you lie oh na na would the real liar please stand up


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  • Trixx

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November 13th
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